Light has a profound influence on our mood, productivity, stress levels, sleep patterns, and overall sense of well-being, yet it’s not easy getting the right light. With the Orb you get a beautifully designed smart light, that gives you unparalleled light for any given situation. Unlike any other lamp the Orb enables you to control not only the intensity, and color, but also the direction. A combination not available through any other product on the market.


The Orb is our take on the next generation smart light: a beautifully crafted designer lamp with an intelligent control system that brings a professional lighting solution to your home and works right out of the box.

Unlike any other lamp, with the Orb you can control not only the intensity and color but also the direction. A combination not available through any other product on the market.

With Danish design at heart, the Orb isn’t just an intelligent lighting solution, but a beautiful light that will look stylish in any home.


Our first lighting platform builds on the idea of being able to create a multitude of light settings with one lamp. Through conversations with lighting designers and architects, it became evident that good light needs to be dynamic. We need to create contrasts and leaps in luminance, add dashes of color, and control the white balance.

In order to do this, we needed to break out of the traditional way of creating lamps. This is the reasoning behind the Orb.


The Orb comes with a set of pre-defined settings: the moods. The included wall switch is pre-configured with a selection of these, but they can easily be modified to suit your needs through the smart phone app. You can even create your own moods and save them for future use.

The options for finding the right light are almost endless, but with our intuitive app and presets, you won’t have to tinker to find the right mood quickly.


The Orb comes with a range of intelligent features that support our mission of enhancing your home and influencing the atmosphere through the use of light. Part of our mission is to create a more hands-off experience, where you don’t need to adjust your light over the course of the day, but where the Orb knows what you need – perhaps even before you do.

Our feature set is in constant development, and we will be actively working with our users to develop new meaningful ways of adding intelligence to our lighting solutions.


With its sleek and streamlined appearance, it can come as a bit of a surprise that the Orb is packed with high-tech components.

The patented cooling system is designed specifically for the electronics inside the Orb, and the reflectors have the exact build that ensures optimal lighting. Nothing is left to chance – it truly is a beautifully crafted piece of designware.

You can configure the Orb through your smartphone, and even connect to existing smart-home solutions. Choose the light mood from one of the predefined settings or easily create your own. Enable the intelligent features you wish to use. You now have complete control.


In addition to the Orb, we also created a complementing lampshade that surrounds the Orb and accentuates the effects of directional lighting. The Slaatto S1 resembles the shape of a flower, and its „petals“ can be moved or adapted depending on your needs and preferences.

The Slaatto S1 was created in collaboration with Øivind Alexander Slaatto, an award winning Danish designer. Øivind’s design philosophy and experience with world-famous Danish high-end brands proved to be a great addition to Shade’s drive to innovate.

As a result of this collaboration, Slaatto S1 was born. It embodies a simple yet poetic design approach, celebrating traditional Danish design roots while seeking inspiration in the world of nature.


The Orb packs a punch. It’s roughly the size of a mango, but don’t be fooled by its small size. The high quality components add up to an extraordinary product that not only looks good – but performs when needed.